This Asset Management Blog is for You

Does your business use assets?

This asset management blog is for anyone whose business uses assets (e.g. vehicles, machines, custom tools, diagnostic equipment, animals or livestock, or people) to get its work done.  Would your business would be impacted if these items were not available when you needed them? If you answered “yes”, then you are at the right place.

Anyone who operates a business, that uses assets to get work done, can benefit from this asset management blog.

These posts are created to inspire and enhance your foray into tangible asset management. You’ll find tips to help you extend the service life of business-critical assets, mitigate risk of asset failure, and maintain efficient asset inventories. You’ll gain insights about emerging standards and accepted practices that can bias your organization toward extracting greater value from its tangible assets.

What you’ll read is based on our real-world experiences with, and related research on, asset management challenges. This blog points the way to getting a management system for assets in place. It leverages your in-house know-how to achieve excellence in tangible asset management.

Our approach to equipping you for success makes this blog unique.

Gain takeaways you can apply immediately.

You’ll get organized, adopt widely-recognized good practices, develop good habits, and collaborate within your organization to achieve lofty goals in asset management.

Through commentaries regarding common approaches to this challenge, you will learn early on that Twin Lakes Consulting does not ‘toe the line’ for all emerging trends. We will sometimes encourage you to push back on agendas that are permeating the asset management discipline. We think you will pick enough lower hanging fruit to continually achieve laudable asset management goals – then move on to other challenges.

When this blog is loaded with its anticipated content, it should be reasonably possible for an organization to use these posts to self-organize, equip on a shoestring budget, and achieve measurable, stellar, results.

Welcome to Twin Lakes Consulting’s Asset Management blog!