Do You Need ISO 55000? Manage Your Assets to Best Advantage

Do You Need ISO 55000?

ISO 55000, 55001, and 55002 are sometimes referred to as a family or suite of asset management standards. Collectively, these standards can help establish a framework to facilitate effective asset management.

ISO 55000 – Does your organization need this guidance?

Is a foray into a standards-inspired management system an efficient way to spend your organization’s time and money?

You may have other management systems in place (e.g. ISO 9001 QMS). Drivers and motivations for ISO 9001 can be very different from those for ISO 55000.

We propose, if you’ve been in business for some time, you already have the requisite in-house know-how to utilize your assets to best advantage. Benefit from tips you find on our blog w/o having outsiders encumber your organization with standards, procedures, certifications, and audits.

Develop a custom-fitted management system for your tangible business assets by leveraging your company’s unique asset experience.

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