Organic Asset Management – Asset Stewardship’s Purest Form

Organic asset management grants you a clean slate. It leverages your business culture and business know-how as a foundation for excellence in asset stewardship.
organic asset management
Keep your unique traits untainted. Choose an organic approach to asset management.

Organic Asset Management Defined
  • A fresh start, regardless of where you have been before.
  • A greenfield approach that ensures that your work is not following a template based on prior work.
  • Only the most basic assumptions about your business are embodied.
  • Free of biased views of effectiveness, social responsibility, or environmental friendliness that can poison your culture and beliefs.
What You Can Do to Go Organic

Stay clear of pre-canned asset management approaches that shoehorn your business into their model.

Avoid regimens that can smother your business with standards, audits, and 3rd-party views of what’s considered good practice.

Leverage your in-house know-how and culture to brainstorm asset management conventions and methods.

Adopt practices that enhance asset availability, service life, and value realization while staying true to your business values and culture.

Go Organic – Benefits to Your Business

You’ll define asset stewardship for your organization.

You’ll breath  life into the way your assets are described, viewed, and managed.

Your approach to asset management will reflect your business, its character, and its values.

You’ll retain your distinctive culture, your vernacular, and your beliefs in your practices and your processes.

Go Organic – Benefits to Your Customers

Your customers choose you for a reason.  You are uniquely capable of satisfying their requirements.

Your customers depend on you to retain, and magnify, the special properties that inspired them to choose you.

Organic Asset Management – An Anology

When you perform a web search, some of the displayed search results are “paid” and some are “organic”. This link discusses the difference between “paid” and “organic” search results.

paid vs organic search

You can see that organic is genuine, untainted, and real. Paid is coerced, unnatural, and synthetic.

Paid search results go away as soon as someone stops paying. Organic search results persist because of their merit.

Make your asset management efforts a reflection of your beliefs, your culture, and your values. Stay clear of anyone else’s template for how you serve as asset stewards. Asset life cycle events are best defined by your organization’s mission and goals.

Keep outsiders, with standards, audits, and agendas at bay. Pursue your own, organic, persistent, approaches to asset stewardship.

Go Organic – Benefits to The Community

Nurture and sustain diversity and freedom of choice.

Mitigate conformance to restrictive standards and practices.

Maintain a climate that enables organizations to flourish.

Choose Organic Asset Management

Cultivate a healthy business life style. Harvest the fruits of your labor. Only you can envision, pursue, and sustain a holistic view of your business.
organic asset management
Be natural and true to your uniqueness. Adopt organic approaches to asset management.  Preserve your business as a place where fresh ideas can germinate and bloom.